Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Via Conjubilant With Song:
O God, whom neither time nor space
Can limit, hold, or bind.
Look down from heav'n, Thy dwelling place
With love for humankind.

Another year its course has run,
Thy loving care renew;
Forgive the ill that we have done,
The good we failed to do.

In doubt or danger, all our days,
Be near to guard us still;
Let all our thoughts and all our ways
Be guided by Thy will.

O help us here on earth to live
From selfish strife set free;
To us at last in mercy give
Eternal life with Thee.

Horace Smith, 19th cent.; alt.
Scottish Psalter, 1615
Conjubilant With Song: Another Year Its Course Has Run