Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"It's not our evil deeds..."

Some guys are born where they want to be - Catholic, Jewish, Baptist, whatever. My life has been more like one of those Outward Bound programs where they drop you far from home and you have to make your way back with a piece of string and a matchbook.
Peter Robinson uses that quotation to begin a segment of his interview with Andrew Klavan:
Andrew Klavan gives a tour of his life in — and out of — faith. Early on, he was raised in the Jewish faith, but as he says “without faith”; then as a young man he rejected God and faith entirely; finally, in what he calls “the atmosphere of unknown,” he “made the decision to believe.”
The "belief" segment of the interview:

Two quotations - on forgiveness:
It's not our evil deeds that we are asking to be forgiven for. It's our humanity.
and on understanding:
Having made the decision to believe I feel that I understand reality far better.
Watch it here. The other parts of the interview can be found here.

Uncommon Knowledge on National Review Online

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