Wednesday, September 10, 2008

History online

Nick Kersten, Historian for the Seventh Day Baptist Historical Society has found that some of the most interesting books about Seventh Day Baptist history are becoming available online:
There is good news for Seventh Day Baptists regarding out-of-print SDB and SDB-related publications!

The Historical Society frequently receives requests for information which come from out of print volumes. These requests are sometimes accompanied by inquiries about where these out of print volumes can be found for purchase. Purchasing the books through used or rare books dealers is frequently very expensive, and so this alternative is less expensive. Through the Google Books project, many of these volumes are available online in .pdf format. ....

A list follows of some of the volumes which are available in this way:

Seventh Day Baptists in West Virginia, by Corliss F. Randolph

The German Sectarians of Pennsylvania, by Friedrich Sachse

It is important to note that not all of the volumes which are currently out of print are available in this way and not all books listed are available in a downloadable format, but searches of key topics like "Seventh Day Baptist" or authors names can be a tool used to determine what books may be available in your area of interest. ....
SDB Exec: September 2008

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