Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sabbath Recorder October 2008

The October, 2008, Sabbath Recorder is available online here as a pdf.

This month's issue of The Sabbath Recorder introduces a new gospel tract "Do You Really Know the Facts of Life?," providing images of its pages.

It also includes an article from this site - the first of the series I did here about Seventh Day Baptist history.

An uncle, my father's brother, Rev. Victor W. Skaggs, gives a testimony about his experiences surrounding a recent near fatal fall.
Most of you know that I have had a series of traumas over several years. Sometime back in that series, I learned a prayer so that following emergency service and lying in bed I could pray: “Father, if this is to be the end of my earthly life, take me Home and I will rejoice. If I am to continue this life, give me strength and the wisdom to use it for Your purposes.”

Then I could relax and wait for His decision. I was at peace. ....

His care is always there. Look for it!

May God keep us all in the faith of Christ and the joy of life both here and hereafter!!
There are, as usual, many interesting and informative articles.

The Sabbath Recorder is the magazine of the Seventh Day Baptist General Conference and has been regularly published in some form since 1844.

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