Saturday, August 8, 2009

"A History of the Sabbatarians...."

Google Books continues to make available books otherwise inaccessible to most of us without some considerable effort. This time A History of the Sabbatarians or Seventh Day Baptists in America, Containing Their Rise and Progress to the year 1811, with Their Leaders' Names, and Their Distinguishing Tenets, &c, by Henry Clarke. This was the earliest of the attempts to tell the story of American Seventh Day Baptists and, although available in the archives of the Seventh Day Baptist Historical Society, it would not normally be easily available to the the curious. This copy belonged to the New York Public Library. It can either be read online or downloaded as a pdf.

From the author's introduction:
The method pursued in the book, will be, first, by an introduction; secondly, by taking up the churches as they were organized ; thirdly, general remarks, and if the limits of the book will admit, give some arguments on their distinguishing tenets, &c. The materials of this History will be taken from the bible, and other histories, manuscripts, and letters or written memorandums ancient and modern ; and from church records, (of which notice will be given in the work) together with the author's personal knowledge—as he has been intimately- acquainted with the affairs of the Sabbatarians for the last forty years ; and has visited nearly all the churches in the Union, of that sect; and has had personal acquaintance with, I believe, every ordained preacher, now living, of their order ; as also nearly all the elders that have been living in that order for fifty years past.— And being in part sensible of the responsibility of an author, he is determined to be as accurate, as to matters of fact related, as possible.
A history of the Sabbatarians or ... - Google Books

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