Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The still point of the turning world

The theme of the Seventh Day Baptist Conference this past year was "Pray!" Today, quoting Richard Kriegbaum, Stand to Reason reminds us of one of the reasons prayer is important:
.... What prayer does, when done properly, is to focus ourselves in our appropriate position to the world and to God. If we’re not praying frequently and in a particular kind of way, it is very easy to think our Christian enterprise is a solitary enterprise with us at the center and no one else much involved. And so our acknowledgment of God in prayer is a matter of posture.

That prayer posture is acknowledging our creatureliness before God and our deep and desperate need of Him in every situation in life. I think each day requires a humble acknowledgment of “I desperately need you, Lord.” This is not a feeling, but an acknowledgment of the truth, and the more we acknowledge it — the more we “put it on” — the more it completely sinks into our bones.

If we don’t consciously remind ourselves of our dependence on Him, it’s easy to begin thinking we are not dependent and acting as if we are not dependent, and the center shifts so that we become the center and not God and His purposes. .... [more]

Stand to Reason Blog: Prayer Posture

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