Thursday, February 11, 2010

Leaving facebook

I've been on facebook for some time now. I've decided to leave. In some respects it's been great. I've re-connected with quite a few of my former students and friends with whom I had lost touch. I've been made aware of personal crises and concerns, as well as celebrations and thanksgivings, with which I could empathize and about which I could pray. I have been able to more broadly share things from this blog. All of those have been good. But I have found myself spending altogether too much time on it. So I've decided to leave, to read more, and when I engage in political dispute, to do it face to face.

I don't regret trying it. I do regret the message some may take from my leaving — I am in no sense "un-friending" anyone. And I do look forward to the absence of the compulsion to always want to check-up. I rather envy those who are able to participate in it more casually.