Thursday, February 11, 2010

Leaving facebook

I've been on facebook for some time now. I've decided to leave. In some respects it's been great. I've re-connected with quite a few of my former students and friends with whom I had lost touch. I've been made aware of personal crises and concerns, as well as celebrations and thanksgivings, with which I could empathize and about which I could pray. I have been able to more broadly share things from this blog. All of those have been good. But I have found myself spending altogether too much time on it. So I've decided to leave, to read more, and when I engage in political dispute, to do it face to face.

I don't regret trying it. I do regret the message some may take from my leaving — I am in no sense "un-friending" anyone. And I do look forward to the absence of the compulsion to always want to check-up. I rather envy those who are able to participate in it more casually.


  1. I can completely identify with your situation. I'm always afraid I'm going to miss something if I don't read back until the last time I was logged on.

    And I've found that arguing/trying to debate theology or politics on the internet is a waste of time. Most folks out there posting have already made up their minds.

  2. Thanks, Joel. I enjoy sharing things I find online, but the ensuing arguments are not enjoyable - not because I lack confidence in my positions but for the reason you give.

  3. Facebook and Twitter for me are indeed time consumers. However, with the few fruitless conversations that I have had there; I have had many more conversations that have reconnected me with past friends and let me connect them with my Savior. Got your blog in my blog reader, Jim but others will be missing out. Maybe I will continue to post some of your blogs there.
    All that to say: It is a good choice.

  4. Thanks, John. Feel free to post anything from the blog.

  5. Of course I didn't actually leave for very long.


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