Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A testimony that gives hope

Michael Spencer, the Internet Monk, is very ill. We are each mortal, every one of us will die, but illness forces us to confront that truth which we can otherwise so easily ignore. The Internet Monk writes that "Real Apologetics" are those that can speak to the dying:
.... All the affirmations to God as creator and designer are fine, but it is as the God of the dying that the Christian has a testimony to give that absolutely no one else can give.

We need to remember that each day dying people are waiting for the word of death and RESURRECTION.

The are a lot of different kinds of Good News, but there is little good news in “My argument scored more points than your argument.” But the news that “Christ is risen!” really is Good News for one kind of person: The person who is dying. .... [more]
From Michael : 2/10/10: Real Apologetics |

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