Thursday, March 18, 2010

ESV and the iPhone

I'm hopelessly unaware of this technology [I only use my cellphone for talking to people!] but, for those of you more sophisticated, Justin Taylor has information about an "ESV iPhone App—for Free!"
I’m excited about and thankful for Crossway’s new—and free—ESV iPhone/iPod Touch App, which you can download from the iTunes app store.

Note a number of the features:
  • You don’t need to be connected to wireless to use it (i.e., you can use it on airplanes, in North Dakota, etc.)
  • With a simple tap you can see cross-references, footnotes, etc.
  • You can search the ESV Bible
  • You can take notes
  • You can highlight passages
  • You can easily email, Tweet, or (soon) Facebook passages
Free ESV apps are being developed for other platforms (e.g., Blackberry, Android, etc.) .... [more]
ESV iPhone App—for Free! – Justin Taylor