Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Andrew Klavan announces that his young adult series may be filmed:
Summit Entertainment–makers of Hurt Locker and the Twilight movies–have optioned Andrew’s Homelanders series of young adult thriller novels for film. Lorenzo di Bonaventura, producer of Transformers and Stardust, will produce. The series deals with teenager Charlie West’s quest to find out why he’s become the target of jihadist terrorists and the police.
I've enjoyed the two books in the series that have been published thus far. They are full of the kind of action that I assume would translate into a very intense, exciting film — and perhaps one I could enjoy without moral and political qualification, although as Klavan notes:
Those who know the movie business know that I will have precious little control over whether the Homelanders films will, if made, reflect the values of the novels. But who knows? It could happen. And if it did, it would be less amazing now than, say, ten years ago.
Not long ago it was announced that Klavan would write three more young adult thrillers for Thomas Nelson after completion of the four Homelander books. All this in addition to his books for adults, which I also enjoy.

The other things I've posted about Klavan.

Klavan's Homelanders Optioned for Film

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