Saturday, March 20, 2010

Growing back into C.S. Lewis

Someone at Evangel listed the ten books that have influenced him most. Others followed suit. Today Fred Sanders provides his list. Number five on it is C.S. Lewis's Mere Christianity:
Book Four of Mere Christianity was one of the books (along with a key chapter of Packer’s Knowing God) that introduced me to the doctrine of the Trinity when I was seventeen and didn’t know much about much. Then I read it again after earning a PhD on the doctrine of the Trinity, and I found it even more impressive. How can a man write in a way that edifies and instructs folks at both extremes of the educational spectrum? There may be a “too smart for C.S. Lewis” stage of theological puberty, and it may be a helpful part of coming of age (though some bishops may be stuck in it), but the interesting stuff happens when you grow back into C.S. Lewis.
Top Ten Books, Fred’s Theology Edition » Evangel | A First Things Blog

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