Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Some students at a university founded by Presbyterians object to the vestigial remnents of Christian influence still present. James Taranto:
"A group of students at Trinity University is lobbying trustees to drop a reference to 'Our Lord' on their diplomas, arguing it does not respect the diversity of religions on campus," reports the San Antonio Express-News:
"A diploma is a very personal item, and people want to proudly display it in their offices and homes," said Sidra Qureshi, president of Trinity Diversity Connection. "By having the phrase 'In the Year of Our Lord,' it is directly referencing Jesus Christ, and not everyone believes in Jesus Christ."

Qureshi, who is Muslim, has led the charge to tweak the wording, winning support from student government and a campus commencement committee. Trustees are expected to consider the students' request at a May board meeting. . . .

The debate started last year when Isaac Medina, a Muslim convert from Guadalajara, Mexico, noticed the wording while looking at pre-made diploma frames in the Trinity bookstore. When Medina applied to Trinity, university staff told him it wasn't a religious institution and that it maintained only a historical bond to the Presbyterian Church.

So the godly reference "came as a big surprise," said Medina, who graduated in December. "I felt I was a victim of a bait and switch."
Whatever you do, don't tell Qureshi and Medina what "Trinity" means!
And the Latin motto on that seal on the diploma might be a problem, too. And what is that book? And then there's the name of the city...

Birth of a Notion - WSJ.com

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