Friday, May 7, 2010

False courage

Breakpoint notes a programming decision at a citadel of sophomoric humor:
Having come under fire for being too scared to air South Park's depiction of Mohammed, Comedy Central executives have decided to man up and develop an irreverent animated series about . . . Jesus Christ.
And, at The American Culture:
.... But no, we Christians are such pushovers. We actually believe in free speech, and liberty, and letting God take care of the blasphemers himself in his own good time.

But I’m sure the show will be as respectful of the sensibilities of Christians who believe that Jesus Christ actually was God and was raised from the dead, as they are of Muslims who believe Muhammad was a “prophet.”
Joe Queenan defined the behavior thus:
The difference between real courage and false courage is that real courage necessitates taking positions in which one actually risks one's livelihood or one's health....
Gutsy move, guys, Comedy Central Does Jesus, Not Muhammed | The American Culture

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