Sunday, May 23, 2010

Keeping faith

The first Seventh Day Baptist churches in North America congregated in Rhode Island in the 17th century. Today I came across this site describing a monument at the location of the second such church, the First Hopkinton Seventh Day Baptist Church in Ashaway, Rhode Island. The monument stands in that church's cemetery, although the church building itself is long gone.

From the inscription on the monument:
This Monument is a Memorial to the early Pastors of the Second Seventh-day Baptist Church in America, whose remains lie buried within the enclosing circle. They were stalwart men and sound preachers. They "fought the good fight" and "kept the faith." Upon this spot stood the house of worship from 1680 to 1852. [more]
The family names of those buried here include Burdick, Maxson, Coon, and Stillman, names that still appear on the membership rolls of Seventh Day Baptist churches today.

Seventh Day Baptist Minister's Monument Marker

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