Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"A sin against God"

Greenmanville SDB Church, Mystic CT
Seventh Day Baptist Historian, Nick Kersten, reports that he will be participating in a scholarly panel at Mystic Seaport in Mystic Connecticut. The Seventh Day Baptist connection:
.... The current Mystic Seaport grounds are built on what was once the SDB community of Greenmanville, a shipbuilding community founded by three Greenman brothers. On the grounds of the 'living' museum, all three brothers houses are preserved, as well as the Greenmanville Seventh Day Baptist church. Though the museum has included brief notes about the Greenman's SDB faith, they are looking to expand the Greenmanville portion of the museum to include more information about their faith and how it influenced their participation in the social issues of their day—especially the abolition movement.

The Greenmanville church, founded in 1850, was a headquarters of sorts for the abolitionist movement in that area, and included in it's statement of faith an article condemning slavery. (It reads, "11th—that Slavery is a violation of the principles of Christianity and therefore a sin against God.") .... [more]
More about Seventh Day Baptists and abolitionism can be found here and here.

SDB Exec: Librarian-Historian to Participate in Panel Discussion at Mystic Seaport

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