Wednesday, April 18, 2007

"Better a moral atheist..."

John Mark Reynolds begins the process of getting his thoughts in order as another Presidential election approaches:
.... If Jesus is lord, then He must be lord of my vote. I am an American, but the King’s man first. My King Jesus wishes to see justice on His earth and I must vote (imperfectly and without hope of utopia until His return) in a measured way for this justice.

A nation that is just, that reduces in some small measure the fog of evil over the eyes of men, is better than one that fills men’s hearts with the obscuring mists of bitter pain from injustice.

The fear, of course, for some non-Christian reading these words, is that this is the imposition of a theocracy.

Nothing could be further from the truth. God already reigns, of course, but in this age His followers are no more to be trusted than His foes. We are all fallen and to give too much power to any men (even those proclaiming themselves Christians) is foolish.

The direct reign of King Jesus is not of this age, but of the age to come. No Christian can or should try to hustle our King into coming sooner (how foolish!) or replace Him with a tyrant ruling in His name.

We vote with the knowledge of justice gained from Faith, but attempt to explain this knowledge in a manner accessible to all. Because the faith is true, then the truths of the faith can usually be defended in many ways . . . including ways understandable by all reasonable men. We vote as Christians, but know that many non-Christians are better men (in this age) than are we. Salvation is not through our own goodness, but by divine grace . . . and so in this age of the world many that will be lost do better works than those who will be saved.

Better a moral atheist as ruler than many an immature Christian . . . since in this time some atheists are more like Christ than some Christians. ....
Source: The Scriptorium: This Next Presidential Election: Voting as We Pray

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