Saturday, October 27, 2007

Your God is too small

Wonders for Oyarsa values philosophy and the arguments it can provide, but, he says "Strangely, when we speak of God with such words, we somehow make him out to be rather...small."

He has been blogging the Scriptures [he is now in II Samuel] and, with that fresh in mind, he is impressed with a sense that "the scriptural picture is far grander than the philosophical one."
In scripture we are given a gift beyond measure. We are given something far deeper than a series of philosophical statements. We are given a story. We are given a drama that unfolds and expands and progresses, until we find ourselves even now taking part in it. As Chesterton said, it opens to us not only incredible heavens, but what seems to some an equally incredible earth, and makes it credible. We accept it; and the ground is solid under our feet and the road is open before us.
It is well worth reading in its entirety.

Wonders For Oyarsa: The Condemnation of Philosophy

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