Friday, April 11, 2008


Mark Driscoll of the Mars Hill Church in Seattle is preaching a series of sermons on "Doctrine: What Christians Should Believe." The second sermon is "Revelation: God Speaks":
...The big idea, building off the first week’s sermon on the Trinity, is that God communicates. For example, we read, “God said” ten times in Genesis 1 alone. For further reading on the topic of revelation, I have two new books coming out this summer: On the Old Testament and On the New Testament. Each is short enough to be read in about an hour.

No one is born with a clear comprehension of who God is. So, in an effort to know about God, various philosophers and religious leaders have presented their speculations about God with seemingly endless and contradictory declarations.

God has chosen to lift the fog of human speculation with divine revelation. Whereas speculation is the human attempt to comprehend God, revelation is God’s communication to humanity with clarity that is otherwise impossible. The object of that revelation is the sixty-six books of Scripture. .... [more]
Driscoll provides a useful bibliography for further reading about the Scriptures:
For Further Reading on Bible Translations
For Further Reading on How to Study Scripture
For Further Reading on Apparent Bible Contradictions
For Further Reading on Miscellaneous Bible Issues
The Mission & Vision | Revelation

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