Thursday, January 15, 2009

One Eternal Day "Wordled"

I just came across this Wordle based on text from One Eternal Day. Wordle creates images that indicate the frequency of use of words in the text entered. This one was made about six months ago.

Thanks to Ben Wright for the reference.

Wordle - Standfast


  1. I wordled the SDB Statement of Belief and Linda made an SDB E-card of it.

  2. So did I, here! And so did Andrew Camenga - his gave me the idea. But Linda didn't favor me with a card... Did she make an aesthetic judgment?

  3. I'm not sure Linda even knew about the other incarnations. ;)

    Linda did the Pastor/Shepherd wordle in the same collection.

    I really wish they had a save to jpeg option so we didn't have to use screen capture to capture the results.

  4. Wordle would be far more convenient if that were possible.

    I forgive Linda.


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