Thursday, July 9, 2009

Seventh Day Baptists in Europe and America

The internet is a wonderful source of all kinds of information made accessible in ways that could not be imagined just a few decades ago. This morning a "Google Alert" informed me that, once again, Seventh Day Baptists in Europe and America (1910), long out of print, is available online. This time the two volumes are scanned from the libraries of Harvard University [Vol. II] and the University of Michigan [Vol. I]. Although careful students of denominational history who have read much more Seventh Day Baptist history than I warn that the articles in these volumes vary greatly in their accuracy and reliability, they are well indexed and contain pictures that are unavailable anywhere else online.

The books are available at these links in a variety of forms:


  1. That's incredible.

    I wonder what it would take to make these available for the Amazon Kindle or other ebook readers?

  2. Good thought. Are none of the formats they offer compatible? I don't know enough to know.


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