Monday, October 5, 2009

Very nice

Mark Bertrand reviews the Allan Personal Size Reference ESV. I like it, especially the format, but also the very high quality of the binding — I own one of their earlier ESVs. This is not a volume that will fall apart. One of the nicest things about the format is that the references are on the inside margin, which means the text doesn't curve down into shadow.

From Bertrand's review:
Nineteen months ago, I posted a very thorough review of the then-new Personal Size Reference ESV from Crossway. I liked it a lot, but still had a couple of reservations. For one thing, the 7.4 point type was pretty small, with a column width that stretched a bit too far. On top of that, the only binding options were a sewn genuine leather cover and a glued TruTone. (Later, that changed, as Crossway offered sewn bindings with the TruTone covers.) ....
I had one of those early Crossway Trutone editions and loved the format for the reasons Bertrand gave:
I love the Personal Reference ESV, but I understand if not everyone does. For me it delivers most of the goods — a readable, single-column setting with a clever approach to references and a relatively compact form factor. I’ve never enjoyed reading the poetry of the ESV more, and it’s never looked so good on the page before. All in all, I’m satisfied. Having said that, what I’m waiting on is a quality binding for the Personal Reference. It’s hard to commit fully until then.
At long last, the day has come. R. L. Allan is offering the Crossway-printed, sewn PSR text blocks bound in your choice of three leathers: black highland goatskin, brown highland goatskin, and a red goatskin Allan's has dubbed "Alhambra." Each comes with three ribbons, art-gilt (red under gold) page edges, and a semi-yapp cover. ....
Bertrand's review at Bible Design & Binding is of the format, binding, and quality of the book — not of the translation. That can be found elsewhere. But the English Standard Version has become my favored choice for reasons I have given previously.

I've ordered one of these. If you are also tempted, and can afford one, Bertrand provides the information about where they can be acquired:
As of this writing (October 5, 2009), the first wave of Allan's PSRs has been slightly delayed. Inventory should be available in Glasgow by the 19th, hitting the States on the 26th. Pre-orders have been strong, and those will ship first. As always, they're available for order at (£90.00) and ($149.99).
The pictures are from Mark Bertrand's great site where he has posted many others as well as much more information.

Bible Design and Binding: R. L. Allan Personal Size Reference ESV in Black, Brown & Red Goatskin

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  1. This is nice. But I'd be more apt to get a Kindle for $300 and the ESV Study Bible, Kindle Edition for $10 than to shell out $150 for a portable Bible.

    But that's me.


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