Thursday, April 21, 2011

Christianity Explored

Several Christian bloggers are calling attention to this new website for Christianity Explored | One life, what's it all about? I haven't explored it very fully yet but the introductory video is very well done and those who are recommending it are people with whom I usually agree. Here is Kevin DeYoung's description:
We’ve used Christianity Explored in our church for several years. It’s a series of videos developed in Britain that walk through the Gospel of Mark. The aim is to introduce Jesus to non-Christians and new Christians. CE has a new website that is worth checking out.

Besides looking sharp, the website has several nice features (this is not a paid advertisement by the way).
  • The content is delivered through dozens of short videos. The videos are also transcribed for those who want to read the material.
  • There are three main areas to the site. One part answers the question, “What is Christianity?” A second part contains short answers to tough questions. The third area includes real stories of personal faith.
  • The site is not mainly about the CE program. Obviously, you can find information about the course, but the site is primarily an evangelistic tool meant to come alongside local churches in their gospel ministry. This is not a CE promo site, but a good resource for introducing people to Christianity.
If you’re American, you’ll notice most of the videos come with a wonderful accent. ....
Link to the site: Christianity Explored | One life, what's it all about?

Christianity Explored | One life, what's it all about?, Are You Looking to Explore Christianity? – Kevin DeYoung

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