Monday, August 15, 2011

Votaries of Moloch

Some choices apparently make even "pro-choice" advocates uneasy. Jordan J. Ballor, at Touchstone Magazine: "'Reduction' and Abortion-Culture Newspeak":
This is difficult reading: "The Two-Minus-One Pregnancy."

I had never heard of this, certainly not as an elective procedure.

The witness of conscience apparently can't be suppressed. At least not totally. And not without a great deal of work and denial.
Even some people who support abortion rights admit to feeling queasy about reduction to a singleton. “I completely respect and support a woman’s choice,” one commentator wrote on, referring to a woman who said she reduced her pregnancy to protect her marriage and finances. One fetus was male, the other female, and the woman eliminated the male because she already had a son. “Something about that whole situation just seemed unethical to me,” the commentator continued. “I just couldn’t sleep at night knowing that I terminated my daughter’s perfectly healthy twin brother.”
My wife is a fraternal twin. I'm thankful to God to have her and a brother-in-law.

"They invent ways of doing evil," indeed.
More: Bad Rachel: Mengele Lives! (In the Pages of the New York Times)

Touchstone Magazine - Mere Comments: 'Reduction' and Abortion-Culture Newspeak


  1. If it's just a blob of tissue, as they claim, then it shouldn't matter the reason for the abortion.

    If it does matter, then it's something more than a blob of tissue and all reasons for abortion should be examined in that light.

  2. They indeed do have the light of conscience and it is hard work to push that down and live as you want. They truly do love their sin and find God's holiness inconvenient.


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