Monday, October 31, 2011

HRH Wilhelm?

The Commonwealth nations have agreed to change the rules for succession to the British throne. No longer will the throne pass to the eldest son, but to the eldest child of the monarch whether male or female. James Bowman points out one of the consequences had this rule been in place early in the last century:
The Queen herself [Elizabeth II] would never have been the monarch if the new rule had been in effect in Queen Victoria’s day, since the latter’s eldest child, Princess Victoria, would have succeeded her, reigned for less than seven months, and then have been succeeded in her turn by none other than Kaiser Wilhelm II — who would thus have added Britain and her Empire to the German Empire without the tiresome necessity of going to war as he was to do — unsuccessfully, most people are still glad to think — thirteen years later. .... [more]
Yet Another Losing Battle by James Bowman - The New Criterion

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