Wednesday, February 29, 2012

To keep it holy

Jonathan Tobin calls our attention to a story of particular interest to Sabbatarians:
.... The Robert M. Beren Academy had won a chance to play in the state’s parochial school basketball championships semi-finals this weekend. But since their game is scheduled for Friday night during the observance of the Sabbath, the team will not compete. ....

...Beren’s win in the state quarterfinals was made possible because their opponent, Our Lady of the Hills, which is a Catholic school, were willing to move the starting time up last Friday to the afternoon before the Sabbath started. But because the private and parochial school group is a voluntary rather than a state-run outfit, the Jewish school cannot legally demand a reasonable accommodation. The association’s decision seems hard-hearted. But if they choose not to budge, it must be acknowledged that sometimes there is a price to be paid for loyalty to faith and principle. That’s disappointing for the kids at Beren, but it’s also something for them to be proud of. ....[more]
Tobin spoils the ending of his otherwise admirable post with an entirely unnecessary swipe at Tebow.

A few years ago I posted a link to a similar story about a Scottish school that stood on principle about the Sabbath [although they had a different day of the week in mind].

Sabbath Observing Texas High School Does More for Faith Than Tebow « Commentary Magazine

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