Sunday, June 16, 2013

"And there is a Name inscribed that no one knows..."

This looks interesting. From an interview with one of those responsible for a new graphic treatment of The Book of Revelation that includes the entire text in a new translation:
The book is really stunning, the images and text both. What has the wider reception to the book been so far?

Very positive, from the publisher, Zondervan, and both the graphic novel community and the community of faith.

The most gratifying thing to hear from Christians is that our graphic novel makes Revelation easier to read. This was our very purpose — to provide a visually immersive narrative to the words of Holy Scripture. As anyone who has read the Book of Revelation in any translation knows, it is at various times quite difficult to follow, as it cuts back between Heaven and Earth, the future and the past. ....
This is intended to be the beginning of a series of graphic presentations of the scriptures:
Your translation work is part of a larger project, a fresh translation of the New Testament. Can you tell us more about that? What can we expect from that work as far as style, approach, and publication?

Zondervan will be inaugurating the graphic novel series, The Last Adam in the Fall of this year, a multivolume harmony of the Four Canonical Gospels. The inaugural volume, Firstborn will begin with John 1.1 and conclude with Luke 3.6 and include at least someone from all Four.

Firstborn will recount in lush visuals the annunciations of both John the Baptist and the Lord Jesus, the nativity of each, the childhood of the Lord, and the beginning of the ministry of John. Each volume will continue the Greatest Story Ever Told with a different artist, but in the same style of visually immersive storytelling. .... [more]

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