Thursday, July 11, 2013

Max Carrados

Another great find for mystery lovers at Four Max Carrados Detective Stories by Ernest Bramah:
The adventures of a blind detective in London, featuring four compact mysteries:
  • The Coin of Dionysius
  • The Knight's Cross Signal Problem
  • The Tragedy at Brookbend Cottage
  • The Last Exploit of Harry the Actor
Max Carrados is a fictional blind detective in a series of mystery stories and books by Ernest Bramah, beginning in 1914. The Max Carrados stories appeared alongside Sherlock Holmes in the Strand Magazine, in which they often had top billing, and frequently outsold his eminent contemporary at the time, even if they failed to achieve the longevity of Holmes.

George Orwell wrote that, together with those of Conan Doyle and R. Austin Freeman, Max Carrados and The Eyes of Max Carrados, "are the only detective stories since Poe that are worth re-reading."
I have a lower opinion of Poe than Orwell did and a higher opinion than he of some subsequent thriller authors, but I agree with him about the value of these three including Bramah.

Like all of the free e-books from, Four Max Carrados Detective Stories is available formatted for a variety of e-readers including Kindle.

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