Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Using the prayers of others

Trevin Wax discovered the Book of Common Prayer and found that using it benefited his prayer life. Yesterday he recommended a book about that book:
Our Common Prayer
Winfield Bevins

A few years ago, I experienced a dryness in my prayer life. I had a list of requests, but no overall structure in which to present them. A good friend gave me The Book of Common Prayer as a help. Written prayers were new to me. I approached the written prayers of past saints much as a child trying on the shoes of his dad. Would my feet ever fit into the spiritual shoes of the giants who have gone before me? I decided to pray those prayers, to pray Scripture, to pray the psalms, and to let my prayer life be shaped by the beauty of the written word. Over time, I found even my spontaneous prayers were reinvigorated.

In Our Common Prayer, Winfield Bevins wants to introduce the beauty and majesty of Cranmer’s work to a new generation. I recommend this book if you desire to find your soul enriched by the biblical truth expressed in these prayers, and to find, through the Spirit your heart further reflecting the Savior.
Book Notes: One Way Love / Our Common Prayer / Walking with God through Pain and Suffering / The Power of God

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