Monday, December 9, 2013

Reading with Bryan Cranston

Via Althouse, from the New York Times interview with Bryan Cranston (of Breaking Bad and Malcolm in the Middle) about his book-reading habits and likes. I like much of what he likes:
While shooting in Portland, Ore., I got the pleasure of discovering Powell’s Books, an enormous old bookstore (which I hope still exists) and stayed there the entire day. I just curled up in a comfy chair and read. They had a cafe in the store that I frequented. What joy. I suppose it helped that it was a rainy day. Rain creates a Pavlovian response in me to relax with a good book. I find that peace at our beach house, and created a cozy nook just for that purpose. I admit that I am driven to work and have to remind myself that reading is not an indulgence or a luxury. I have to improve that aspect of my life. ....

.... Anna Gunn, my wife on “Breaking Bad,” gave me a beautiful hardcover of The Dangerous Book for Boys. A perfect book to flip through to get back in touch with the little boy within. It inspired me to create a concept for a TV show. ...Stay tuned.

....I like mysteries, thrillers and adventures best. I haven’t been interested in very many science fiction novels. .... [more]
I posted about A Dangerous Book for Boys when it was first published. I bought the book and was very pleased. It can be purchased here in hardback for less than I paid, at less than $10.00. Every parent of a boy should consider it (and there is one for girls, too).

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