Friday, March 14, 2014

Today in Madison

A very good day for walking in Madison: temperatures in the upper 40s and sunny. My destination was the breakwater at the Tenney Park Locks where, in warmer weather, I would sit for a while before heading back. Today the cold north wind across Lake Mendota persuaded me to stay there only long enough to take this picture looking toward the Capitol Square and the University. Good weather for walking, not sitting. The lakes are, obviously, still frozen. A friend said that when he took a grandson ice fishing the auger had to drill through twenty-four inches of ice. The frost-line is deep too and most of the snow melt is running off.

Upon returning to the center of the city I stopped at Brocach for bangers and mash and a pint of Guinness. I will now avoid all Irish pubs until the middle of next week.

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