Friday, August 15, 2014


"Web Trolls Winning as Incivility Increases" says the headline at The New York Times. I belong to a conservative/libertarian site that has found a solution: Ricochet. They do succeed in weeding out the trolls:
.... We started with two principles: (1) The internet is full of rude, malicious people who will go out of there way to derail civil conversation; (2) These people are cheap.

Our solution? Basic economics (hey, we’re conservatives!). We created a small barrier to entry in the form of requiring a paid membership to comment on posts. And we fortified our commitment to civility by requiring our members to adhere to a Code of Conduct enforced by our editors. The result? A community so civil that it can generate a debate on abortion that runs to over 350 comments without degenerating into a flame war. Take that, assembled scholarly community!

Is the system perfect? No. We’ve had to drop the hammer on troublemakers from time to time, but that’s just the way of the world. .... [more]

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