Friday, July 17, 2015


I became very cynical about "branding" while sitting on the state board of directors of my teachers' union. We would, every now and then, be subjected to presentations by consultants to whom, no doubt, large fees had been paid. I recall that we adopted "The Trust" for the insurance company the union owned. That decision reminded me mainly of John D. Rockefeller's Standard Oil Trust, or maybe J.P. Morgan's many trusts — not the image with which most unions would wish to be associated. As I say, I am cynical about "branding."

Which brings me to this. My denomination has a new logo. I don't know how it was chosen. It isn't offensive. It isn't striking. The symbolism isn't obvious to me. Was there any reason to discard the old one other than a desire for innovation? (See the previous post.) I will doubtless reconcile myself to the change.
The old Seventh Day Baptist logo dating back I don't know how many  years. I recall getting a brass lapel pin with this logo when young. That was a  long time ago and the logo had been around for a long time before me, although, I think, without the cross. It seems to me intended to symbolize the light of the gospel.
The new Seventh Day Baptist logo now appearing on all the denominational internet sites. (The main site also has a lighthouse.) There is a cross, which is good. The colors are not bold and I'm not sure what the swoosh is for.
The new logo reminds me of this one: the official United Methodist symbol that appears on their local church signs. It is described as "the cross and the flame" explained as relating "The United Methodist church to God through Christ (cross) and the Holy Spirit (flame)."

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