Monday, August 17, 2015

"Thirty young women fled..."

A reference in The Weekly Standard to an interview with Christina Hoff Sommers sent me to the full interview on YouTube. Sommers is a defender of "equity feminism" as opposed to what she calls "fainting couch feminism."
... In her talk with The Scrapbook’s boss (Bill Kristol), Sommers recounts how she got into this groove almost 30 years ago, as a professor of philosophy at Clark University.

Asked by her department chair to work up a course on feminist theory—and assuming herself to be a feminist—she ordered the leading textbooks on the subject and started to read. What confronted her was a witch’s brew of conspiracy theories, grievance-mongering, and vilification of men, backed up with phony statistics. What shocked her most was these textbooks’ flagrant violation of what she calls “the sacred commandment of college teaching: Thou shalt present both sides of the argument.”

From there it was but a short step—one paper presented to the American Philosophical Society and one article published in the New Republic—to Christina’s excommunication from a religion she says she hadn’t known existed. ....
The interview (just over an hour):

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