Thursday, December 3, 2015

Premature jollity

Alexi Sargeant is annoyed:
Forget the War on Christmas. The real battle raging out there is the War on Advent. Rather than beginning a season of prayerful preparation for the Lord's coming, the commercial world would have us believe we are already over a month into an early, raucous Christmas feast. An inverted White Witch has cast a spell: Always Christmas and never winter. But there is a time and season for all things—and the time for the songs of Christmas is the season of Christmas. All that premature jollity divorced from the shivering expectation of Advent is enough to make anyone say “Bah, humbug!” So turn off your Christmas playlists, tune out the jingle-bells, and deck anyone hauling premature boughs of holly. This is Advent...
And he provides "Your Advent Playlist", among which:

More Advent music at this link

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