Sunday, April 3, 2016

"The approach of more joyous days"

Via Anecdotal Evidence, Samuel Johnson on the coming of Spring:
There is, indeed, something inexpressibly pleasing in the annual renovation of the world, and the new display of the treasures of nature. The cold and darkness of winter, with the naked deformity of every object on which we turn our eyes, make us rejoice at the succeeding season, as well for what we have escaped as for what we may enjoy; and every budding flower which a warm situation brings early to our view is considered by us a messenger to notify the approach of more joyous days.
Yesterday in church we sang "Morning Has Broken." The last line of the hymn is "God's recreation of the new Day!" I've never been certain whether that should be "God's re-creation" or "God's recreation." I rather like the latter. "There is...something inexpressibly pleasing in the annual renovation of the world...."

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