Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Free inquiry on campus

Heterodox Academy provides "Free Inquiry on Campus: A Statement of Principles" by some Middlebury College faculty. Good to know that there are still people on that campus who believe in a liberal education. (UC Berkeley faculty?) A few of the points included in the statement:
  • A protest that prevents campus speakers from communicating with their audience is a coercive act.
  • No group of professors or students has the right to act as final arbiter of the opinions that students may entertain.
  • No group of professors or students has the right to determine for the entire community that a question is closed for discussion.
  • The purpose of college is not to make faculty or students comfortable in their opinions and prejudices.
  • A good education produces modesty with respect to our own intellectual powers and opinions as well as openness to considering contrary views.
  • All our students possess the strength, in head and in heart, to consider and evaluate challenging opinions from every quarter.

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