Monday, April 17, 2017

Worship at home

Mere Orthodoxy has been posting a series about family worship. In today's post, "On Family Worship and Failure," Eric Hutchinson mentions a book I don't have but have just now ordered.
What I’ve found to be most useful–really, an ideal combination of non-trivial solemnity (that is, language that elevates and ennobles) and brevity, is the Brief Order of Worship in the original Presbyterian Book of Common Worship (1906), a book that draws fairly heavily on the Book of Common Prayer. The order is: opening sentences, prayer (invocation, confession, Lord’s Prayer), Psalms, Gloria Patri, Creed, Scripture, hymn, prayers, ascription of praise.

But also remember to be flexible. On some days my family can’t do all of these. That’s OK. It’s better to do 4 minutes of something than no minutes of nothing. No time for two Scripture readings? Do one. ....
The complete book can be found here.

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