Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Read and preached, prayed and sung

I have yet to find anything at this site with which I disagree. Indeed, I like what I've read so far very much. Yesterday: "How Scripture Fills All of Worship":
The environment of the pulpit is not only formed by the Word, but also filled with the Word. It is commonly said that in the worship of the church the Word is read and preached, prayed and sung, and seen. The reading of God’s Word in corporate worship has been evaporating for some time. In many churches today, all that remains of the Word read aloud to the congregation is a verse or two at the opening of the service. But the command to read the Word publicly (1 Tim. 4:13) is not a call to nod to it in passing. It is a call to read it thoughtfully and thoroughly.
Each of these points is elaborated in the post:
  • Reading Scripture in worship is not merely a call to give attention, but a call to hear God’s revelation of Himself. .... Readings from the Old Testament and the New Testament ought to be common. ....
  • The preaching of the Word is not accomplished by spring-boarding from one text into a talk divorced from the text or the theology of the text. ....
  • The Word must also be prayed in corporate worship. Prayer is not only a congregation’s appeal to God for what it lacks or needs, but also its praise based on who God is and what He has done. This means that proper prayer is necessarily grounded in the Word....
  • The Word must also be sung in worship. ....
  • The Word is seen in the ordinances. In baptism and the Lord’s Supper, the gospel is preached. .... [more]
Among the "Fellows" at the Center for Baptist Renewal are David Dockery, Nathan Finn, Thomas Kidd, Patrick Schreiner, and many others, mostly pastors or academics, heavily Southern Baptist.

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