Friday, October 27, 2017

Seventh Day Baptist history

The newsletter of the Seventh Day Baptist Council on History arrived today announcing soon to be available online resources:
In his October report to General Council, Director Nick Kersten highlighted the Council on History's major project: digitizing library holdings and making them available online. For three years the library catalog has been searchable on our website. Now the entire collection of Sabbath Recorders has been digitized and will soon be available on the website. Next will come the remaining periodicals (newspapers, magazines, yearbooks). Then more!

Council member Tim Lawton has taken the reins of the new website....
The Sabbath Recorder is one of the oldest religious publications in the United States. It began in 1844 as a weekly newspaper and has been in continuous publication since, although it is now a monthly magazine. Having it all available online will be an advantage to historians and genealogists. The site is still being developed and they aren't there yet but the promise is that this fall and winter will see developments. The new online logo (see above) for the site was created by the current editor of the Sabbath Recorder, Pat Cruzan.

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