Friday, November 3, 2017

"The Christian characters talk like human beings, not tracts"

Lars Walker has discovered a mystery author he believes he is going to like: Sally Wright
.... I am delighted to report that author Wright has sailed past my critical misogyny to make me an immediate fan. She writes a pretty good male hero....

In Publish and Perish, first novel in a series, Ben Reese, World War II intelligence veteran, is an archivist at a private college in Ohio. The year is 1960. He is in England doing research when he gets news that his dearest friend has died of a sudden heart attack. Ben (who is his friend’s executor) rushes home to deal with the aftermath. He is disturbed by certain puzzling circumstances surrounding the death, and the local police chief agrees with him. Ben starts asking questions, and someone else dies, and then Ben himself becomes the target of a murder attempt.

We often complain about the poor quality of Christian literature. Sally Wright’s work is a shining example of the sort of thing we’ve been pleading for. The writing is superior, the characterizations and dialogue polished and entertaining, the mystery satisfying. .... The Christian characters talk like human beings, not tracts, and the values are unashamedly old-fashioned. ....
That sounded promising enough that I bought the Kindle edition of the book and also discovered that, if I like this book, there are more (and the Kindles are only $2.99).

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