Thursday, March 1, 2018

"In worship we read, sing, pray, preach, and show forth...the Word of God"

I am really liking the ideas expressed at the Center for Baptist Renewal. Today they address "Historic Worship," describing an ideal that I think Baptists should consider seriously. The essay closes with this:
...[W]e simply want Baptist churches to realize that every church has a liturgy—a service of the people. Even if they do not use that word, every church has repeated practices and particular orders of worship. Further, those repeated practices shape and form their people in particular ways. All we are asking, at a foundational level, is for Baptist churches to think explicitly about what liturgy they have, and what effects it may or may not have on their people. Perhaps this will lead to change; perhaps it will lead simply to a deepening and enriching of already-existing practices. In either case (or both), we hope that Baptist churches will reflect critically on their liturgies, and consider some of the elements of the traditional liturgy that have, for the most part, been lost in Baptist life.

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