Wednesday, October 10, 2018

From beginning to end

A post at the Center For Baptist Renewal asks "What Does Your Liturgy Celebrate?"
.... You see, our pastors, like your pastors believe in the gospel. Our pastors believe that the gospel is what saves and it is what trains us for godliness (Titus 2). We believe that apart from the gospel we have nothing to offer those who join us for worship on Sundays. ....

At our church, it is our desire that our liturgy would celebrate Jesus and his gospel from beginning to end. I hope you’ll look at your own liturgy and ask the question; “What is our liturgy celebrating?”
And an example of worship at Emmaus Church in Kansas City from September 23:
  • Call to Worship – Psalms 19: 1-6
  • Grace Alone
  • Scripture of Response – 1 John 4:13-17
  • My Worth Is Not In What I Own
  • Come Ye Souls By Sin Afflicted
  • Corporate Confession – Psalm 19:12-14
  • Prayer of Confession (a written prayer of confession that the worship leader prays on behalf of our church and our nation)
  • Assurance of Pardon – Ephesians 2:13-18
  • Christ the Sure and Steady Anchor
  • Scripture Reading – John 14:1-14
  • Sermon – John 14:1-14
  • Communion
  • I Hear the Words of Love
  • Benediction – May the grace of Christ our Savior, And the Father’s boundless love, With the Holy Spirit’s favor, Rest upon you from above. Thus may we abide In union, With each other and the Lord, And possess, in sweet communion, joys which earth cannot afford.” Amen. (John Newton)
I'm not a fan of all of the music (the words are fine) but I very much like the form of worship.

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