Saturday, November 21, 2020

Advent is nigh

Jonathan Aigner at Ponder Anew tells us "Don’t Sing Christmas Carols Until You’ve Sung These Advent Hymns." He provides performances but first he reminds us:
In Advent, we put ourselves in the place of the faithful who had waited generations for their promised King. Our four-week period of hope and expectation encapsulates the longing and yearning into which Jesus finally, miraculously arrived. Advent slows us down and restores our hearts and minds so that the heaven-born Prince of Peace can be fully born in our hearts once again.

People of God, take time to ponder anew the mysterious reality of the Incarnation. Allow yourselves to feel the emptiness, and allow it to be filled with joyous hope in the coming Messiah, through whom all of creation would be made whole. ....
He provides sixteen hymns via YouTube videos, most of them familiar to me but a few weren't.

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