Monday, July 26, 2021

Grace is deeper still

In this sermon a pastor pities those who only know The Voyage of the Dawn Treader from the movie:
The Dawn Treader carries us through the troubled waters of our hearts, navigating the often turbulent seas of our destructive desires, and leads us under full sail toward the yearning of our souls for a better home. The Dawn Treader brings us to sweet reunions and bitter partings, all the while offering hope beyond the tears. ....

Beyond the well-trod tropes of Eustace’s Dragon and the Darkness that awakens our deepest fears, it is to a far off wind swept mountainside that I find myself sitting most often. Far away from the sound of crashing surf, sailors at their work, and gulls swinging through a cloud-strewn sky, I find myself wandering through the swaying grass of a hidden valley, where nestled in its creased folds sits a glistening jewel—a quiet lake.

It’s deeper than it seems. ....

But grace is deeper still.

Even as the madness that lay hold of Caspian and Edmund was broken by a simple glimpse of Aslan standing in authority on the ridge above them, so just a glimpse of the risen Jesus is enough to cure the madness of our longing. It is as we behold his glory that we, by one degree of glory to another, are transformed. You see, as deep as the pool of your depravity may be, the ocean of his grace is deeper still. Yes, it’s deeper than it seems. You will not exhaust it. You will not reach its depths. .... (more)
Chris Thomas, "It’s Deeper Than It Looks"

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