Tuesday, March 29, 2022

"We have within ourselves..."

From a review of a new collection of essays by Sir Roger Scruton: Against the Tide, "a concise but rich selection of some of Scruton’s writings for various journals, magazines, and newspapers." Scruton in 1994:
It is good to have been born in this time of decay. Our generation was granted a privilege that future generations may never know—a view of Western civilization in its totality, and a knowledge of its inner meaning. We were given the pure truths of the Christian religion, and the morality of sacrifice which turns renunciation into triumph and suffering into a secret joy. We also had the chance to see what will happen should we lose these gifts. ... Of course it is hard to feel the full confidence that those teachings require. But they are addressed to each of us individually, and their validity is not affected by what others think or do. We have within ourselves the source of our salvation: all that is needed is to summon it, and to go out into the world.
Douglas Murray, "Scrutonian selections," The New Criterion, April, 2022.

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