Saturday, July 23, 2022

Black coffee

I started drinking coffee early on when I started teaching. Former students probably remember me with a coffee cup constantly in hand. I still drink a lot of coffee: three or four cups almost every morning and extending into the early afternoon. I enjoy it hot, black, and unadulterated. Kuerig is my most frequently used appliance. I don't think I am an addict — I can go days without any — but it is certainly a habit. And there is evidence that it is good for me, for instance "The Health Benefits of Coffee."

For some time I've been a fan of Black Rifle Coffee. I order their dark roasts and like the fact that they employ military veterans. The latter would matter less if the coffee wasn't good. Recently I experienced some difficulty in getting what I wanted from them in a timely way and went looking for a tolerable alternative to tide me over. I found that Maude's "French Roast from the Coast" will do, and it's not expensive.

Did a search for coffee poetry online and found this:
I drink my coffee, hot and black,
My drug of choice, from ages back.
No cream no sugar, no fancy mug,
Just give me some java, I'll give you a hug.

It doesn't matter what brand it is,
Strong and black, heavenly bliss.
Wakes me up in the morning, opens my eyes,
And after two cups I'm ready to fly.

No fancy coffee shop coffee for me,
Won't pay that much, but don't want it free.   
I just want a plain ole cup of joe,
A white styrofoam cup, ready to go.
I have coffee at noon, coffee at night,
And if you mean-mouth coffee, I'm ready to fight.
The coffee I've drunk could fill the sea,
That energized bunny has nothing on me.
(Juan Olivarez, May 24, 2010)

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