Thursday, April 6, 2023

A geriatric redo?

Lionel Shriver at The Spectator (UK) in "Why Democrats want Trump" contends that the New York indictment serves their desired purpose by increasing the likelihood that Trump will be the GOP nominee:
.... It’s been obvious for some time that Democratic mandarins badly want Trump to be the 2024 GOP nominee. So Bragg’s arguably counterproductive ploy must have them wetting themselves in excitement.

This preferred outcome was glaringly on display during the Republican primaries for last autumn’s midterms, when Dems ran ads for, as well as contributed considerable money to, Republican congressional candidates who supported Trump – the loopier the better. The reasoning ran that crackpots would be easier to defeat. It was a cynical strategy that willingly ran the risk the crackpots would win. .... The real losers in a world where both sides are running around campaigning for the other side’s most atrocious politicians are merely the voters – and who cares about them? ....

A hefty majority of Americans want neither Trump nor Biden to run again (in a November CNBC poll, 61 per cent wanted to be shed of Trump altogether, while an astonishing 70 per cent didn’t want Biden to bid for a second term either, including 57 per cent of Democrats). That would be me: please, please, can we move on from this presidential Groundhog Day? Yet so far, an even more wearying and more geriatric redo of 2020 seems on the cards. Sorry – this is functional democracy? How is this happening? Isn’t the main merit of this system of government meant to be that the majority of us get at least what we sort of want? ....
Lionel Shriver, "Why Democrats want Trump," The Spectator, April 8, 2023.

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