Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Even unto old age

In the course of answering a young person who wants to get a tattoo over the objection of his parents, Russell Moore tells us just what we owe our parents:
.... The command to honor father and mother never ends. It is part of the holy will of God, and is applicable to every person, regardless of age. When you’re ninety, you’ll still have an obligation to honor your parents, even if only in memory and in speech. The way one honors one’s parents changes, though, throughout the span of life. Jesus lived this life before you. His honoring of his father Joseph and his blessed mother Mary was of obedience in all things in childhood (Luke 2:51), of listening to pleas for help in adulthood (John 2:1-5), and of caring for weakness at the end of life (John 19:26-27). All of this was an honoring of father and mother. .... [more]
Moore to the Point by Russell D. Moore