Friday, January 22, 2010

$1.64 million an hour

According to Christianity Today:
Starting on the day after the Jan. 12 earthquake in Haiti, major American charities have received donations at the average rate of $1.64 million per hour.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy yesterday released a report indicating donations of $355 million for the period Jan. 13 through Jan. 21. Do the math and it works out to an average of $1.64 million per hour.

Keep in mind these donations are independent of the US government support and this report excludes international donations. Among Christian groups on the COP list, Catholic Relief Services and World Vision were top recipients, with $19 million and $15 million in gifts, pledges, and cash respectively.
The need is great. Keep it up.

World Vision
Red Cross
Salvation Army
SDB United Relief Fund, SDB Center, PO Box 1678, Janesville WI 53547.

US donations to Haiti average $1.64 million per hour | Liveblog | Christianity Today